How to Plan an Adventurous Weekend Getaway

We all want to get out and do something. Personally I feel much better on Monday when I’ve packed in an awesome and adventurous weekend. Whether you’re exploring a new country or your own backyard (or both, in our case), it can be tough to decide what to do and…

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DIY Culture

One of my favorite things about New Zealand so far is the palpable can-do kiwi attitude. Our work away hosts Tash and Glenn embody the capable, do it yourself (DIY) charm that seems to have worked its way into our bloodstream too. That coupled with unlimited access to an oven…

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Thanks to Roseanne

Otago Panorama

In the last few days I’ve been able to check off two of my 2016 To Do List items, all thanks to Roseanne. Like a kiwi fairy godmother, she took care of us before she even met us. When one of our Workaway hosts in Queenstown told us last minute…

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