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AboutUs_PhotoHi, we’re V and Tyler.

Santa Barbara Middle School has a saying, “beginnings are important.” But how do you define a beginning? Perhaps it all started in 2013 when we became housemates in South Lake Tahoe, California, and went backpacking in the snow the following weekend. Maybe it really began a couple years later when we started dating and drove away from Tyler’s driveway with a for sale sign in the corner and a flight to catch to Cuba. The adventures didn’t end when we returned stateside, but the blog took a hiatus. Now, re-launching Earthtickle, it feels like opening up to a new page in a well-loved journal.

Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or are just joining us now, we hope you enjoy our stories about tickling the earth – rock climbing, biking and exploring this beautiful planet. Our website chronicles the impromptu mountaintop dances, mandatory cliff-bar stops, and unplanned “oh shit” moments of life journey. Follow the adventure and contribute suggestions on special places, people, or food that you’ve met while exploring. Life is short, and so are we, and we find reasons to smile every day.


  1. Stefanie Melendez

    Can’t wait to read ALL about your adventures!!

  2. oh shit. it’s getting real!!

  3. Great to meet you two!! You guys are gonna have the best time of your lives. Travel safe, can’t wait to see where your travels lead you!

    • Great to meet you too Nick, we loved traveling with you! Try looking up Tyler on facebook b/c I just posted a couple pictures of all of us on facebook. Happy almost birthday!

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