Big News – We’re coming home!

Maori drum roll please…haka dance

We’re coming home early! Tyler and I will be flying back to San Francisco on August 14th and will be basing ourselves in the Bay Area for the foreseeable future. We are so excited to surround ourselves with friends and family, find great jobs, and slow down the frenetic pace we’ve been living for the last fifteen months.

A quick Q &A:

Why aren’t you staying in NZ until your visas end in January? – We’ve been super lucky to spend our working holiday visa doing much more holiday-ing than working. Although there are a lifetime of things to see and do in this outdoor dreamland, we’ve also learned that both of us really value having a community. We miss all of you (and burritos)!

Why SF? – As most of you know, Tyler has been teaching himself coding and web development for the last 10 months or so to transition from civil engineering to tech. With so many of our favorite people clustered around this vibrant techy hotspot, it seemed the natural choice. I’m not usually much of an urbanite, but am excited to find a communications job with an environmental/adventure/travel company! (And also, for burritos)

What’s next? – We’ve got a couple more weeks of exploring the North island, then a five week-long house sit lined up south of Auckland. During that time we’ll be buckling down to apply for jobs, find housing, sell our car, etc. Beyond that the crystal ball shows lots of potlucks and weekend trips to Yosemite and beyond!

And just for fun, How to Hard Boil an Egg using Geothermal:hardboiled egg

Step 1. Put eggs in a clean sock

Step 2. Tie socks to a big stick

Step 3. Place stick in natural geyser

Step 4. Wait 12 minutes and eat while soaking in the same water-fed tubs downstream. Sweet as!


  1. Stefanie Melendez

    Wow! This is great news! Enjoy the rest of your stay and good luck with job hunt etc! When you get back to the states and head to Tahoe, there’s a burrito waiting for you….

    • Hey Stefanie! Thanks for the message. I will definitely take you up on the burrito option. Let me know if you hear of any communication positions in the Sierra. I’m still hopeful we can both find jobs in the mountains!

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