Striking Out

It was only 8pm, but we were already tucked into Beluga as the rain dipple dipple dopped onto the camper shell. We should have been inside the Slickrock Movie Theater entranced by 007’s latest advances in CGI and martini consumption, but we arrived half an hour late. We had been striking out quite a bit lately.

After a quick trip to California we landed in Salt Lake City at midnight and took a taxi to where Beluga waited patiently outside of our friend Jonny’s house. Not wanting to disturb Jonny and his housemates, we slipped inside the truck and fell asleep. At 5AM the truck shook and metal clanged on metal by our feet. Tyler and I bolted awake with the same realization: someone was trying to steal our bikes!

beluga flat tireTyler ripped away the rear window curtain and banged on the window. The person immediately jumped back, grabbed his backpack, and continued down the street. A couple hours later the garbage trucks started working their way down the street with as much subtlety as a certain two year old playing hide and go seek. The trucks spaced themselves at twenty minute intervals to ensure maximum noise. We woke up to realize that a) we needed to leave and b) we would not be doing that quickly due to a flat tire.

After repairing the flat we drove to Park City, where fur lined banana hammocks featuring nothing more than an elastic band and a mouse sized cloak sells for $25.

Park City essentials

Park City essentials

Farm, one of the most highly rated restaurants in Utah, awaited Tyler’s $100 Vail Resorts gift card. Months ago, before we even started the trip, he snagged our fancy clothes and put them in a box with the gift card for his folks to ship to us when we were in Colorado. The Colorado address didn’t accept mail and USPS returned the box to his parents. Fortunately we picked them up in Point Reyes, along with a box of delicious goodies from his Mom.

We parked in the empty Canyons Resort parking lot right as the blizzard began, so the fancy dress stayed in its not-so-fancy drawer. When we entered the hotel, the front desk told us the place was closed until Thanksgiving. “Could we get a room for the night then?” Tyler asked, thinking that the card could make a substantial dent in the price of a mid-week room. Wrong again, the reservation desk had already closed, and the receptionist’s sole purpose seemed to be to play on her iPhone. Eventually we found a pub-style place where we became its sole occupants, other than a bored server/bartender.

In the morning, two inches of powder rested on Beluga and every non-asphalt surface. We hightailed it 6,000 feet lower in elevation to beautiful, bike-friendly Moab.snow on bikes

Our original plan to sit tight in Moab for two weeks changed after a few days of camping in the dark and cold. Twenty-degree evenings and five pm sunsets will do that. Instead we stayed a week in Moab/Canyonlands and went to LA to stay with my Dad and Elyse. We’re hitting the road tomorrow morning for Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas for some giving of thanks with friends. Thank you all for being important people in our lives and following our adventures!

More to come on our week exploring the fantastic Arches and Canyonlands National Parks…


  1. Ha ha! The Banana Hamocks are hysterical!
    Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing your adventures! Happy travels!
    Oh! We have snow here in the Basin! Woo hoo!


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