Point Reyes Party

After four days visiting family, we are back in Beluga, camping in Moab, Utah. The trip was a blur of good food, nephew craziness and enjoying the company of family. We flew in on the morning of November 4th and took BART to Amber and Dave’s (my brother’s and sister’s) house. We enjoyed watching Arlo’s constant exploration, now on two feet, and chatting with Amber and Dave. We made our pilgrimages to Berkeley Bowl twice for burritos and dinner supplies. That night we made a delicious lasagna which everyone enjoyed while also participating in our own little talent show, for which Arlo was the sole judge.

Arlo riding the quarter ponyThe following day, we drove to New Brighton stopping at the brewery for lunch and entertainment: Arlo had a blast riding the quarter pony ride, but not as much fun as his adoring spectators. Before stopping at the cabin, we headed out to North Point Reyes Beach. Modelling Dave, I hoisted Arlo up onto my shoulders and was immediately rewarded to see that he was happy for the ride. It is funny how much joy I get just by making my nephew happy.

That night at the “cabin” the family assembled and we had an amazing meal of ribs, macaroni and cheese, and salad. My grandpa had been told that we were all gathering for my mom’s birthday, but the secret was revealed when a cake was brought out with “80” prominently written in number candles. We sang “…happy birthday dear Grandpa!…” and toasted the birthday boy, before wolfing down chocolate pound cake. Everyone in attendance groaned under the weight of a cake that was served immediately upon the removal of the last dinner plate, a tradition strictly enforced over the years by Grandpa.

The rest of the week featured walks up the hill by the cabin, a trip to the visitors center with its informational earthquake hike, and many great conversations around delicious meals. Everyone chased, held, swung and joked with Zayne (two years old) and Arlo (one year old), each hoping to be rewarded by a great big smile… and with so many given out, the pack went home happy!

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